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Strata Tour Straight

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Strata Tour Straight
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Strata Tour Straight


12-119 Doz.

120 Doz.

19.50 doz.

18.95 doz.

Strata Tour Straight

This ball is straight, soft and long. The perimeter weighted multi-layer technology and high coverage aerodynamic dimple pattern make the ball long. The super slick non-stick coating reduces sidespin to make it straighter and the soft 37 compression core gives it great feel around the greens.

Great Buy

Top-Flite Pure Distance

12-119 doz. are 11.75 each
120 doz or more 10.95 each

Great Buy

Top-Flite Infinity

12-119 doz. are 14.95 each
120 doz or more 13.95 each

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