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Women's Day Out

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Women's Day Out



Women's Corporate Day Out

Corporate Swing offers a unique outing designed especially for women new to the fairways.  our Women's Corporate Day Out teaches the fundamentals and gives women the confidence to increase their competitiveness on the golf course

Details :
Short Game Instruction
  This class covers the basics of chipping, pitching and putting.
Full Swing Instruction
  This class focuses on fundamentals
Golf Seminar
  Participants will become familiar with golf terms like "bogey", "mulligan", "par", etc.
Free Time
  Time to visit with your guests
Food and Beverage Catering
  We offer a variety of food and beverage options.
Games and Contests
  Putting, long drive, chipping, and beat-the-pro contests give every participant a chance to excel and be a part of the fun.

Reach Potential Clients
Use this event to reach female decision-makers or to equip the golf novices on your staff with this powerful business development tool.  Your guests will experience a relaxed, fun-filled day, and gain satisfaction from improving their games or learning new skills.
Corporate Identity Promotion
Any Corporate Swing event may be personalized through golf-related gifts and prizes with your individual stamp.

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